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Valentine’s Day fun for singles

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By Blogger Bea Floresca

Valentine’s Day is hyped to revolve around love, but in reality it is just an excuse to sell boxes of chocolate, red and white stuffed animals, and lots of other heart-shaped merchandise. Besides all the gifts and confectioneries that accompany this ever so bittersweet holiday, there are also the extremely lovey-dovey couples kissing and holding each other for pretty much the entire day. This makes being single on Valentine’s Day not always the easiest thing to endure. So, if you don’t have a date, don’t sit around and pout. There are plenty of ways to make this holiday just as fun for singles as it is for couples.  Here are just a few ideas:

1.)   Volunteer! Valentine’s Day is all about the love! Spread some of that love to others that could truly use it. One place that is always in need of volunteers is a nursing home, so give a bit of your time to help  put a smile on some old faces. For all you animal lovers, visit the local animal shelter and play with all the homeless, furry felines and pound puppies. You could maybe even adopt one… with your parents or guardians permission, of course. Spending time on Valentine’s Day volunteering may not seem ideal, but if you find yourself dateless, you can still make your romantically inclined friends feel shallow (just kidding).

2.)   Have a party with all your single friends! Let’s face it: no one wants to spend time alone on a supposed day of love. So why not gather all your fellow single pringles and have a celebration? There is a plethora of things you and your friends can do. Maybe your evening  involves hosting a cheesy-romantic-comedy-movie marathon. Or maybe host a Battle of the Sexes party. If you’re worried about the guest list, just invite some of your close friends.  You’d be surprised how many are single just like you and me. This year, Valentine’s Day  happens to fall on a half-day, so hosting a party will be especially easy.

3.)   Organize a Secret Admirers gifting session, à la Secret Santa. Gather a group of friends and draw names out of hat like you would for Christmas. This time, lose the stocking stuffers and instead trade super sweet candies and cute little teddy bears that let your friends know you love them bear-y much. If you are looking for something a bit more fun, make it a rule that everyone has to give each other gag gifts. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when he gets a Victoria Secret girt card or she gets a  pair of men’s boxers!  This will also get your spirits up if you’re feeling down about being single.

4.)   Visit an old relative or someone who could use a friend.  As some ancient philosopher once said, “Love comes in many forms.” Valentine’s Day is just as much about our love of friends and family as it is for romance. Brighten up the day of somebody who may be feeling down on this couple-dominated holiday. Everyone can think of an old relative who never seems to get visitors anymore or the girl who just moved in next door. Sure, you may not want to go see your great grandpa Bernard or the ‘weirdo’  next door, but even just a short conversation will undoubtedly make their day a whole lot better.

Hopefully this has helped you realize that being single on a holiday like this doesn’t have to be completely dreadful. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love for your girlfriend or boyfriend, nor a contest of how many flowers you  give someone. It’s about spreading the love to one another and showcasing the love for all people, whether you know them well or not. This Valentine’s Day, I urge all the singles out there to try one of these ideas or come up with their own way to make this Valentine’s Day one that you can hold close to the heart. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go set up a singles-only party with my friends! Goodbye and best wishes to all.

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2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day fun for singles”

  1. Hannah Novak on March 11th, 2014 9:36 pm

    I would urge everyone in a couple to do some of these things as well! I’m glad you addressed spending time with family and friends, because it’s a really important thing people overlook. Volunteering for V-day activities at a nursing home is one of the most rewarding things ever.


  2. Luc Waked on March 12th, 2014 11:19 pm

    Like Hannah said, I would also encourage couples to do things such as those mentioned above. Couples can and should spend time with each other on valentines day, but they could also try and make their single friends feel a little bit less left out.


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Valentine’s Day fun for singles