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Loki steals the spotlight in “Thor: The Dark World”

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By Contributor Bea Floresca

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Thor: The Dark World” raked in $85.7 million in its opening weekend in U.S. box offices. Fans will be pleased to know that the sequel has received better reviews than the original “Thor”. Empire Magazine gave the new film 4.5 out of 5 stars.

… the film finally gets its mojo back, finding the requisite balance between bombast and wise-cracks that made the first “Thor” work in its finest moments,” Leslie Felperin wrote in an article for The Hollywood Reporter.

I saw “Thor: The Dark World” on opening night, and I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. The movie featured a delightful mix of action and drama, sprinkled with witty comebacks, and perfected with special effects that brought the story to life. However, there were a lot of plot twists that could confuse those who are not fans of the original comic books.

On the other hand, the movie’s fast pace kept all audience members engaged. Overall, the cast did an amazing job of bringing their characters to life, and I cannot wait to see what Marvel produces next.

While most people know Chris Hemsworth, the star who plays Thor, some of the other actors are often left out of the spotlight. Does the name, Tom Hiddleston, ring a bell? Unfortunately, the majority would say no. This talented British actor plays Loki the God of Mischief, Thor’s villainous younger brother.

Hiddleston does not receive the credit he deserves. Many think of Loki simply as Thor’s witty brother, deemed a joke by his family and a failure of a villain. Audience members never really put thought into how important his role is in the movie. Loki’s troubling past and twisted, unpredictable mind makes him a unique character that takes guts to play.

In films, most people refer to characters as either black or white. The white characters are generally the heroes, fighting for the good. Black tends to depict to the villains, working for evil. What makes Loki especially hard to portray is the fact that he’s a grey character. He never really fits in as a hero or a villain. In “Thor”, he starts off as a white character, an innocent, sidekick-like brother. Then, towards the end of “Thor”, he becomes the villain. He eventually transforms into full-villain blackness in “The Avengers”, as he tries to take over New York City.

However, in “Thor: the Dark World”, we find Loki stuck in prison, suffering from the mental and physical wounds of his past. Nevertheless, war hits the nine realms once again, and Thor is forced to go to his brother out of desperation. Loki accepts his proposal, but knowing his character, he could easily betray his brother just as quickly as he agrees.

In the newest film, I strongly believe that Loki’s role was just as important as Thor’s. I wish that Loki were not such an under-appreciated character, especially with such a talented actor playing this mischievous God.

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Loki steals the spotlight in “Thor: The Dark World”