Accessorizing your prom dress

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Accessorizing your prom dress

Jess Tamburo, Staff Writer

With prom quickly approaching, girls are eagerly making last minute decisions regarding this much anticipated day. One of the most exciting aspects of preparing for prom is deciding what hairstyle to do, or more importantly, what style will look best with your dress. With these three dress options, everyone is sure to find a flattering hairstyle and a successful jewelry pairing to complete their look for this dazzling evening.

Strapless Dresses

The best option with a strapless dress is to leave hair completely loose. From personal experience, I prefer leaving hair down because an updo can leave an unflattering gap between the dress and jawline. The best options for leaving hair down can range from bouncy curls to a sleek half up half down look. When deciding what jewelry to pair with the dress, keep in mind that a chunky necklace and dangly earrings will complete this look.

One-Shoulder Dresses

When strutting your stuff in a one-shoulder dress, there is one hairstyle that is sure to flatter any prom goer. Placing hair on the opposite side of the strap will create a visual balance to your look. Some great hair options for this style includes a side braid or even a twisted low bun. The perfect pairing for this style does not include a necklace, but will give an elegant appearance when accessorized with eye-catching, dangly earrings.

High Neckline

My personal favorite dress shape includes a variety of styles with high necklines. This style will look glamorous with any hairdo, but especially an updo. With an updo, it is possible to create a range of hairstyles from a sleek pulled-back bun to a loosely pinned updo. When accessorizing, any high neckline looks elegant with twinkling stud earrings.

Now, with the perfect hairstyle and accessories to compliment your dress, prom is sure to be a success. Enjoy the much anticipated Cinderella-esque night, but be sure to not lose your glass slipper in the process.



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