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If you are submitting a Letter to the Editor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please fill out the form below. Letters should be centered around the impact of event cancellations and lifestyle changes that  have occurred in response to the pandemic. The editors of The North Star reserve the right to choose which letters to publish based on accuracy, impact and relevance. However, The North Star is a forum for student expression and letters will not be withheld due to opinions that differ with the opinions of the editors. Letters will be edited for grammar and length, but no content will be changed. The author’s name will be published alongside the submitted letter. Opinions expressed in Letters to the Editor are solely that of the writer of the letter and do not reflect the opinion of The North Star staff.

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, use the form above or contact us directly:

Phone: (630) 420-4261

Advisor email: [email protected]

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