Downtown Naperville ice cream ranked


Summer is here and the perfect solution to beat the heat is a sweet scoop of ice cream. Conveniently, no matter where you go in Downtown Naperville, you are bound to see an ice cream or cold treat shop. Here is a definitive ranking of all the ice cream shops in Downtown Naperville.

10. Naper Nuts and Sweets and Le Chocolat du Bouchard 

Primarily known for their candy, Naper Nuts and Sweets and Le Chocolat are loved by many for their timeless treats enjoyed by all ages. The sweet signature smell of caramel carries wafts through the doors of Naper Nuts and Sweets, beckoning you to look at their wide variety of unique candies. While at Le Chocolat, the high-quality artisan chocolates are perfectly displayed along with macarons, cakes and pastries. Both stores sell ice cream and both are simple and incredibly forgettable. It should not be a first choice for ice cream downtown. 

9. Sno Problems and Red Mango

It would be unfair to compare Sno Problems and Red Mango to other ice cream shops as they technically don’t sell ice cream, however, they both have cold treats loved by many. Sno Problems’ trailer only opens for the summer months and produces quick and inexpensive snow cones. With unique flavors and toppings, they are a step up from the average snow cone and can be even more refreshing than ice cream on a hot day. Red Mango sells a variety of frozen yogurt, also known as the healthier cousin of ice cream. Fro-yo can be hit or miss, but compared to other fro-yo shops, Red Mango is top tier. 

8. Munchies

The only place to get rolled ice cream downtown is Munchies. If you are looking for a new experience and a cute photo– Munchies is the perfect place for you. Looking for good ice cream? Not so much. Munchies is a blend of cultures featuring Puerto-Rican rolled ice cream, classic American flavors and Asian toppings and drinks. It is a creative idea and offers a lot of variety and customization. It’s also exciting to see the employees roll up the ice cream on the anti-griddle. Purely based on taste, however, it pales in comparison to the flavors and textures found in surrounding ice cream shops. 

7. Jojo’s Shake Bar

One of the newer additions to Naperville, Jojo’s Shake Bar, has seen a lot of success. From the decor to the food, Jojo’s is every instagrammers dream– the perfect photo is just a click away.  However, most people attend for the milkshakes or diner food, rather than the actual ice cream. Jojo’s is on the pricey side, but just a look at their shakes can tell you why– they are huge and topped with loads of cookies and sweets. The enormous milkshakes may be too much, even for those with the sweetest of teeth. If you like overpriced milkshakes and a stomach ache, Jojo’s is the place for you. 

6. Coldstone

A nationwide chain, Coldstone is known for their candy and dessert-inspired flavors, along with a variety of toppings. When you order, you can see the employee fold your toppings into the ice cream on the namesake ‘cold stone’. They have 29 “signature creations” menu items, but you can opt for a create-your-own mix for maximum customization. The price is great for the large portion sizes and it has a classic ice-cream shop atmosphere along with plenty of indoor seating. The fun names and bright colors of the ice cream give the shop a fun feeling, but leaves the ice cream a little artificial-tasting. 

5. Cookie Dough Creations

Cookie Dough Creations is a small business that sells ice cream and edible raw cookie dough. With inexpensive prices, rich cookie dough and smooth ice cream, it’s no surprise they have been in business downtown for 27 years. The edible cookie dough is rich and gooey like grandma’s recipe. Although they have 16 ice cream flavors, there are better places to try if ice cream is the only thing you’re looking for. The place scores extra points for the game room in the back though, complete with pinball machines, darts and arcade games. 

4. Sweet Home Gelato

After leaving the Frost franchise agreement, Sweet Home Gelato has shown improvements in their craft. The gelato is smooth and dense, and the absence of cream and butterfat makes it healthier than traditional ice cream. The atmosphere seems to magically enhance the flavor of their artisan gelato, creating a more authentic experience. Not only does Sweet Home Gelato sell gelato, but they also have milkshakes, root beer floats and sorbet for sale, leaving the customer with plenty of delicious options to choose from.

3. Kilwins

With a recipe that hasn’t changed since 1985, Kilwins has perfected their ice cream texture. Their old-fashioned decor and candy-making ways make for a familiar and welcoming atmosphere. For a reasonable price, the quality is high and the menu is loaded with traditional favorites. They have a large variety of cones and all the ice creams are swirled with decadent sauces and flavorful mix-ins. 

2. Ben & Jerry’s

Internationally loved, everyone knows of Ben and Jerry’s ice creams– and that’s for good reason. The company has won a Good Dairy award, and the quality is obvious in every scoop. Their creatively named flavors and consistent taste have made them a household name. They also offer sorbet, slushies, shakes and sundaes for those who want variety. However, they have very limited outdoor seating, but are still worth a try.

1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

From Brandied Banana Brûlée to Wildberry Lavender, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has some of the most unique flavors out there and makes the top of my list. Fresh when they need to be, decadent when necessary, Jeni’s knows how to make good ice cream. Fun new flavors come out every season, and the dairy-free options make Jeni’s something everyone can enjoy. The atmosphere of the store is simple and chic, and the smell of freshly-made waffle cones immediately takes over your senses when you open the door. With lines out the door, Jeni’s is the perfect way to enjoy your summer.

Everyone loves ice cream, and the cream-of-the-crop brands are right here in Downtown Naperville. Although any of these ice cream places would be a great pick to relieve your sweet tooth, Jeni’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Kilwins are my top picks for the upcoming summer heat.