Column: Let me enjoy my holiday music


Ever since 93.9 Lite FM started playing holiday music on Nov. 1st, I have been blasting it every time I’m in the car. On any given day you can find me with a Starbucks holiday beverage in hand, seat warmer on high and wearing a little jacket number as I go about my business.

Maybe you are violently opposed to what I am saying. Perhaps you are one of those “Christmas purists” that insist on Christmas music beginning in December or after Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re simply tired of hearing the same music year after year – I get it, not everyone is a fan of Wham! While I respect this and the earnest devotion behind honoring and savoring the time leading up to the big day, my method of holiday immersion is, in my opinion, a better way of celebrating the season. 

After a long day of school, there is nothing better than rushing to my room and slapping a Vince Guaraldi “A Charlie Brown Christmas” record onto the turntable. While driving, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” can be heard blaring from my car’s speakers at max volume. And of course, nothing thrills me more than seeing an enthralling performance of “The Nutcracker” ballet at the Civic Opera House in Chicago. 

With the increasingly cold weather and finals looming over us, we all need at least one small thing to cherish. Looking ahead to Christmas during a time when not much else is going on helps me celebrate the small joys of the season. Until winter break arrives, I am just fine with pretending it’s the holiday season and indulging in Nat King Cole or Mariah Carey as I go about my day. 

The key to making the most out of the season is to intentionally engage in little activities throughout it. Set aside time to go sledding, bake cookies and even listen to Christmas music on repeat that may bring about a sense of nostalgia. This way, you are able to experience all this season has to offer, and when the big day comes, you will be ready to greet it with the same sense of eagerness. Even if you don’t want to rush into the holidays just yet, let others experience it. You do you, but I’ll continue to enjoy my little piece of the holiday season.