Review: Firecakes Donuts will keep customers coming back


Photo by Amelia Hebel

Amelia Hebel, Staff Writer

Firecakes Donuts opened at the end of August in downtown Naperville, and so far it’s a great addition. In addition to having classic and specialty donuts, they offer ice cream and donut ice cream sandwiches. 

The original Firecakes Donuts opened in Chicago in 2013. They have since opened 4 other locations throughout Chicagoland, and their newest is in downtown Naperville. Located at 50 S Main Street, the new restaurant has a modern, minimalist setting, making the donuts the center of attention.

All donuts are baked fresh daily. Their classic old fashioned donuts are always available and their seasonal flavored donuts, such as peanut butter cup and apple cider change throughout the year.

When I found out downtown Naperville was getting a donut shop, I was honestly surprised. Downtown Naperville not only has several ice cream stores, but a cinnamon roll store, cupcake store and candy store.  What I eventually came to realize is that a donut bakery in downtown Naperville could be really successful. Since there aren’t many other quick breakfast options downtown, Firecakes could draw more customers in the morning, which is exciting for those looking for a quick breakfast option.

Other than Firecakes, quick breakfast options include Starbucks, Sparrow Coffee and Einstein’s Bagels. All of these successful restaurants have taken a simple food, such as coffee or bagels, and made it into a trend by making different flavors to choose from and giving customers a new, welcoming environment. Upon visiting Firecakes for the first time, I could tell they were heading in the right direction when I felt welcomed by the modern farmhouse style and the tables outside. The seasonal and vegan flavors were also intriguing, and I think they’ll keep people coming back throughout the year. The experience felt very similar to Starbucks or Einstein’s, but the donuts and ice cream were what made the experience more fascinating. 

All donuts are made the day you buy them, and they taste fresh. They also have house-made ice cream, and offer both together as a donut ice cream sandwich. To me, this sounds like it could be a short-lived trend that people will try once or twice out of curiosity. The sugar high afterward and the $6.95 price will probably motivate more separate donut and ice cream sales. Despite this, though, Firecakes’ signature authentic donuts will draw customers back.

Ultimately, I would recommend Firecakes donuts. The prices are a little high at about $3.00 per donut, but that’s an acceptable price if you buy a set of six for $16.95 once in a while. Firecakes is a great addition to downtown Naperville and I hope its authenticity and flavors will be enjoyed here for years to come.