Breaking news: six sent to hospital due to pepper spray


Photo courtesy of Kelly Gallegos

Before first period this morning,  Naperville North students and staff were sickened by pepper spray in The Commons, according to Principal Stephanie Posey.

Posey would not confirm if a student caused the incident, but several news outlets said three NNHS students were responsible. At least one student was seen being escorted out of the building in handcuffs by police this morning.

According to Posey’s press release, students and staff began to feel asthma-like symptoms after the substance was released at approximately 7:10 AM.  Four students and two teachers were taken to the hospital. Several others were sent to the nurse’s office.

Posey said that the students and staff who sought medical attention are recovering.

“Some students who sought medical attention have returned back to school, and both staff members who sought medical attention have returned back to school,” Posey said.

NNHS Junior Kelli VanDahm was in The Commons when the incident occurred. She immediately began to cough and feel short of breath. She went to the nurse, where she and other harmed students were told to stand outside for fresh air, drink water, take out their contacts and contact their parents for a change of clothes.

“There were a bunch of people sitting there. Everyone was coughing,” VanDahm said.

Supervised study classes in The Commons were relocated to the upper library for first and second period.

During third period, Principal Posey made a school-wide announcement informing students that supervised study classes in the commons would resume fourth period, and reminding students to make good choices.