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Removal of North’s mobile classrooms delayed

Photo by Sean Czaplewski

The project to remove the mobile classrooms and embark on a comprehensive expansion plan at Naperville North High School is now in limbo, and the reasons behind this delay are starting to raise concerns within the school community.

While there is a strong desire to move forward with the project, a major hurdle lies in the allocation of funds within the school district. NNHS Principal Stephanie Posey sheds light on the intricate challenges contributing to the project’s indefinite postponement.

“In the big scheme of things, we are just one building out of 22. Sometimes, our Board of Education and financial managers must plan for the unexpected, like building and grounds crises,” Posey said.

Financial crises can necessitate the reallocation of funds initially dedicated to projects like removing the mobile classrooms. Recently, according to the Naperville 203 Board Docs, Naperville Central High School had to address structural damage to an exterior wall, diverting significant funds away from planned projects. According to district officials, contractors discovered rusting and deterioration of the steel lintels above some windows and engineers recommended the brick be completely removed. The Board of Education approved the $206,731 required for the removal, using some funds that would have been used for planned projects. Despite the setbacks, the persistent need for the project was underscored by NNHS Assistant Principal of Operations Jay Wachtel.

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“For a long time, there’s been a desire to remove the mobiles. And so that kind of creates an issue that if we believe or I believe that the mobiles are going to go away, it’s a challenge to try to spend a lot of money on the mobiles to keep them up to date,” Wachtel said.

As the mobile classroom removal project languishes in uncertainty, it presents several potential issues for North’s staff and students. The continued use of these aging mobile classrooms raises concerns about the safety and quality of education, especially as the structures deteriorate over time.

Additionally, Wachtel added that the project’s delay impacts the creation of more permanent classrooms within the main building. It hinders efforts to reduce the need for students to travel outside for classes and activities and stalls plans to upgrade the fitness center and weight room to better accommodate student needs and extracurricular activities. Ultimately, the fate of the mobile classrooms and expansion project hinges on the Board of Education’s ongoing deliberations and financial considerations, leaving students and staff uncertain about the future of this project. We reached out to the district administration on this subject but did not receive a response to our email.

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