Costco shoppers enjoy new Naperville location


Photo by Rachael Woods

Costco shoppers check out at new Ogden location.

Rachael Woods and Grace Ainger

As the weather gets colder, Naperville shoppers of all ages cluster together to experience the new Costco. Although it’s not the first location in Naperville (the original one being on Illinois Rte 59), the community was ecstatic for the new store.

The second Costco opened in Naperville on Aug. 19, on East Ogden Ave. It  replaced the well known Ogden 6 movie theater, along with the former K-Mart building. Its 159,157 square feet also includes an attached gas station and 901 parking spots.

Many shoppers expressed their excitement for the new store to be opening closer to them than the other location. In a community as large as Naperville, the other Costcos felt crowded or more inconvenient than the new location. Erin LaPointe, a mother and longtime Costco member, expressed her eagerness for the new store.

“We definitely needed another Costco because the other Costco was constantly out of stock of things. Naperville has such a high population and the other Naperville Costco pulls from Aurora and Plainfield as well,” LaPointe said. 

The most recognizable feature of a Costco is the quantity of items in bulk for lower prices than competing stores. This new store is no different than the others when it comes to sales in bulk.  Joey Camp, father of three and frequent Costco shopper, appreciates the high quantities. 

This is the type of place we like to shop for family sized [items],” Camp said.

The new Costco location has also gained traction from neighboring communities. Many local Costco shoppers have changed their location for a faster and preferable  experience. Richard Lucas, a shopper who lives in Wheaton, sees the convenience of this new location.

“It’s a better option for most people in Wheaton, Lisle, and other areas to go to this Costco rather than the [Route 59] one or the even more inconvenient one in Oakbrook,” Lucas said.

A big part of Costco’s appeal is its membership program. Although members pay an annual fee to shop at Costco, the benefits include lower gas prices, a pharmacy and grocery items in bulk. With the accessibility of the new Costco, memberships are on the rise.  

“On our block, a number of families became Costco members because this location opened up,” Camp said.

Multiple shoppers commented on how smooth and easy the shopping experience was.

“The parking lot is easy to manage and it seems very clean. The new carts are awesome because they don’t get stuck together, and the produce has been great so far. Today, I walked up and I didn’t have to wait in line at all,” LaPointe said. 

Despite the benefits of the new store, there were many mixed feelings when the news broke that the beloved Ogden 6 movie theater was closing so that the Costco could be built. Catherine Lucas, a Naperville resident and long-time Costco shopper, elaborated on what she misses most about the theater.

“I miss the movie theater. It was both nostalgic and recently, convenient. I grew up in Wheaton, going to the Ogden 6, and when they revamped it and made it a Classic Cinema, not only was it a nice place to go see movies, but a very cheap place,”  Lucas said.

Despite a love for the old theater, many view the Costco as an upgrade. 

“We definitely, the girls and I, have seen movies there but I’m really glad that K-Mart isn’t sitting there empty anymore,” LaPointe said.

Overwhelmingly, shoppers expressed that they would continue to come to the store, and anticipated more people to start shopping there as well. Mae Adams, a sophomore at Naperville North High School, thinks the store might also become more popular with the teenage demographic.

“I’m sure it’ll be no time at all until friends go on Costco runs together instead of Jewel,” Adams said.