North showcases heritage and culture with multicultural show


Naperville North will be celebrating its diversity this Thursday with its annual multicultural show, featuring performances from Korean Club, Indian Student Association, Mandarin Club, Latin American Student Association and more. The event will include dancing, martial arts, literature and songall to immerse the North community in a variety of global cultures.


Social studies teacher Colin White has been a key force behind organizing the show, which is aimed to promote cross-cultural appreciation of art.


“This event brings together a distinct and talented group of students that wish to share their cultural heritage and skills with their peers, teachers, staff and the entire Huskie community,” White said in an email. “We are so thankful to Naperville North and Jen Baumgartner [Dean of Student Activities] for allowing and encouraging us to celebrate our students and their heritage.”


Performers auditioned earlier this month, and their practice is now culminating in several school performances.


This Thursday is especially chaotic for people who participate in multiple cultural clubs like junior Neeti Agrawal, performing with both Korean Club and the Indian Student Association.


“The practice schedule has gotten really crazy, especially as the event comes closer,” Agrawal said. “It’s worth it, though, because I get to stay in touch with my culture through ISA and still be in Korean Club.”


Rosana Liang, a Korean Club sophomore, thinks that her club’s portion of the show provides a unique look into Korean pop culture for all audiences, regardless of cultural familiarity. 


“We tried to pick songs and dances that are relevant to Korea right now as well as ones that we thought people would enjoy the most,” Liang said. 


Showcasing Thursday, teachers can sign their classes up to see the complete performance tomorrow during periods 2, 3, 7 or 8. Students can also attend the performance free of charge at 7 p.m. on Thursday night.