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Time Out with Reed Kolany

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By Staff Writer John Conway
Production by Kevin MacGregor

This week, senior Reed Kolany, varsity captain for the boys gymnastics team, discussed his athletic career with, “The North Star”.  As his gymnastics career at Naperville North draws to a close, Kolany looks forward to making club gymnastics accessible at Central Michigan University next year.

Q: What is the best thing about your sport?

A: I just like the team in general. All the guys there, we’re like a bunch of brothers, a bunch of friends. Doing gymnastics, doing what we love, it’s a lot of fun to hang out with them.

Q: What is the worst thing about your sport?

A: [The worst thing is] not being in the sport for the rest of the year, in the fall and winter. It’s no fun waiting around, waiting for the sport to come around.

Q: How have you evolved as an athlete throughout the years?

A: When I came in freshman year, I didn’t have that much experience. I kind of didn’t do that much. But over the years, going through sophomore and junior year, I was good enough to be moved to the varsity team. Doing gymnastics outside of school, I’ve just gotten better.

Q: What coaches/mentors have guided you throughout the years?

A: Coach Foerch has definitely inspired me all four years. He has kind of helped me along, worked with me since I’ve been a freshman. We’ve just kind of clicked since then.

Q: What is the most important contribution you have made to the team?

A: As a team captain, I’ve organized a lot of things. I’ve organized the pasta parties to get together [and] to help build team-bonding experiences. Other different things, our shirts this year, I’ve kind of organized. I just try to do what I can as a captain to help out. For the team, [my contributions] just kind of help us keep completely together as a team [and] make sure we’re close as we can be as a high school team.

Q: How are you going to continue your sport outside of school?

A: I’m actually going to start a club at Central Michigan, the school I’m going to, to help continue my gymnastics career. I know there are going to be a lot of financial difficulties, but even if it takes all four years for me to kind of go through it, it’ll be worth it. That’ll be my legacy at that school.

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Time Out with Reed Kolany