A review of Donald Glover’s “Swarm”

A review of Donald Glover’s “Swarm”

Donald Glover just released his second TV show, “Swarm.” The release follows his popular four-season-long show “Atlanta,” which received praise for its obscurity and originality. However, “Swarm” embodies its own unique style that makes it one of the most interesting shows to watch on any platform right now.

“Swarm” follows a young woman named Dre, who is a superfan of a fictional singer named Ni’Jah. Her obsession with this R&B star grows throughout the series, leading Dre to take violent actions to defend her idol against online haters. The story of a toxic fan who takes immense measures to protect her idol may seem like fiction, but it isn’t.

At the start of each episode, there is text that reads, “This is not a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or events, is intentional.” This led me to guess what artist was actually being portrayed in this psychological thriller series. Many speculated that  Ni’Jah resembles Beyoncé, as her fanbase is often perceived to go to similar lengths as Dre in the show. Regardless of who the show may or may not be about, the realization that the show is based on true events is undoubtedly chilling. 

The last two episodes of “Swarm” might be the most notable in the series, as they differ from following the main character in a linear fashion. These episodes either go forward in time or show another perspective of Dre’s situation. This abstract storytelling takes after “Atlanta” and is likely one of the main reasons for the show’s success. This exceptional storytelling is what makes Donald Glover’s work so interesting and acclaimed. He is not afraid of taking risks to help promote progress in the film industry. 

The show is remarkable in other aspects besides its originality, as it has a great cast, and an amazing plot and is one of the few shows that kept me engaged throughout each episode. One aspect that I believe should be highlighted is the show’s portrayal of the internet. Many films and TV shows fail to show the internet in a real sense, leading the audience to get bored and dissociate from reality within the show. “Swarm” is one of the most accurate portrayals of the internet and social media I’ve ever seen. Since the internet will play an even more important role in visual media, I believe that “Swarm” has taken a significant step in correctly depicting the continuously evolving world of the internet. 

Overall, “Swarm” was a great series with evident originality, a great story and it presents itself as an advancement for modern TV. So, if you’re interested in a murderous thriller about an obsessed fan, then I’d highly recommend giving “Swarm” a watch.