An all-inclusive Valentine’s Day


Celebrating a holiday for couples and romance can be a difficult time to navigate if you’re single.

Suggesting that Valentine’s Day is “for all” might seem counterintuitive, but there strategies for handling the anguish of the holiday.

Valentine’s Day just so happens to be a direct reminder of personal doubt and regret for some.

Beth Lane, a sophomore at Naperville North, says that although people who celebrate the holiday may have good intentions, it often leads to unrealistic expectations. 

“It frustrates me because I feel like you shouldn’t need a holiday to tell you to be kind or to do nice things for someone you’re in a relationship with,” Lane said.

Some students feel compelled to ignore the holiday altogether.

Stella Wroble and Sufi Siddque, two sophomores attending North, say they’re impartial towards the holiday. When partaking in the excitement of the holiday, it isn’t necessarily the romantic factor that plays into its enjoyment.

“I feel that high school Valentines don’t last long, but it’s a great way to celebrate the holiday while you can. I choose to celebrate it by treating it like any other day. I don’t give it any special recognition,” Wroble said.

For others, the day is another opportunity to spend time with friends in a way that isn’t necessarily tied to the holiday itself at all. 

“I feel neutral about this holiday. I think it’s nice that there’s a holiday centered around love. It spreads joy in the air. I don’t celebrate valentine’s day with my friends, but there are three birthdays in my friend group, so it’s kind of like Galentines,” Siddique said.

Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope invented “Galentines,” on the popular television series Parks and Recreation. It honors friendship and is celebrated on Feb. 13. Some North students prefer this new holiday over the pressure of Valentine’s Day.  

Instead of viewing Valentine’s Day as a reminder of missing romance, use it to write those you adore handwritten letters expressing your appreciation for them. Words of affirmation shouldn’t be reserved for only those in relationships.

All things considered, with what seems like a pointless holiday to some, may be a much-needed reiteration of self-love and non-romantic appreciation for others. Though Valentine’s Day is traditionally reserved for romance, it’s never too late to redefine what it means to you. 

There’s never too much love to go around for all the singles out there!