Varsity dance places 4th at the NNHS Dance Invite

Grace Ainger, Managing and Polaris Editor

The Naperville North High School varsity dance team placed 4th with their dance “Out of the Woods” on Sunday, Dec. 4 at the NNHS dance invite. 

The team placed 4th out of 13 teams in the 3A division at the NNHS-hosted competition.

The Huskies performed their first dance, “Listen” towards the start of the 3A division. The emotional song and dance shows off the team’s musicality, connection and emotional portrayal skills along with impressive technical work. Senior Avery Pierce discusses how the first dance prepares the team for their second. 

“It went well, our first dance is something completely different than our second dance. We just go out on the floor, test what the floor is like and then we use that as feedback to go into our second dance,” Pierce said. 

The team performed their second dance, “Out of the Woods,” near the end of the competition. The dance is a stark contrast to their opener, with sharp, angular movements and intensity. The dance scored only 0.2 points below the 3rd place finisher, Adlai E. Stevenson High School. At the end of the day, the team was proud of what they put out on the floor, junior Jillian Flood explains.

“We gave it our all and that’s all you can hope for in these competitions… we have definitely proved ourselves to work hard and just do what we love just because we love it,” Flood said.

Both dances showcased the team’s overall connection. With only 11 dancers on varsity this year, the team bond grows with each practice and performance. Pierce talks about why she is proud of her team walking out of the meet.

“I’m proud of my teammates, overall. We say we have blood, sweat and tears for this team and that’s exactly it… we work as hard as we can to get to our goal and we met that today. I’m so proud of my team,” Pierce said.

As the team moves into future competitions and looks forward to the state competition in January, they hope to continually improve. Sophomore Bianca Garcia explains what the team will focus on in practice for their next meets.

“We could definitely [continue] working to up our performance quality… we’re always focusing on keeping our performances and good facial expressions [up],” Garcia said.

The team will head to their next meet on Sunday, Dec. 11 at Adlai E. Stevenson High School.