Naperville North installs new stadium scoreboard


Photo by Ryan Rong

Ryan Rong, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, Naperville North High School installed a new scoreboard in the Harshbarger-Welzel Stadium, a new update to Naperville North’s athletic program. 

In the past 15 years of its use, the old scoreboard experienced frequent technical issues. NNHS Athletic Director Robert Quinn says that the scoreboard had run its course and a replacement was necessary.

“[Scoreboards] obviously have a shelf life and all of those kinds of things, so it was failing with regards to its ability to operate and function correctly and we needed a new scoreboard,” Quinn said.

Last spring, the goal was to install the new scoreboard in June 2022. However, according to Quinn, due to supply chain disruptions, the scoreboard remained stuck in warehouses for several months until arriving at North in early October. Since its installation, Quinn says the North community can expect new benefits that the previous scoreboard lacked, such as improved video quality. 

“On our old scoreboard, we had a very rudimentary video board where we could do text and some of those kinds of things in one color. [The new scoreboard] will allow us to do full-color, all kinds of videos throughout the course of a game, which is always more fun,” Quinn said. 

The North community’s response to this update has been positive, especially from NNHS coaches and student athletes who use the stadium for games and practices. North’s Varsity Football Coach Sean Drendel says the new scoreboard will help enhance the game experience of future football seasons.

“The benefits are not so much for our team but for the fan experience…Anytime the fans are really involved in the game I think our kids play better, so I think that’ll be the big advantage for our team is that the fan experience is gonna be outstanding…We’re looking forward to having [the scoreboard],” Drendel said.

NNHS student athletes share the excitement about the new scoreboard. North senior and varsity receiver Cam’ron Jackson is anticipating a positive shift in the game environment.

 “It’s gonna make everything more exciting [and] definitely give that college atmosphere,” Jackson said.