Fast Fashion: Season 2, Ep. 2

With winter making its debut, the days becoming shorter and colder by the minute. With the stress that often occurs during of the late-fall and early-winter months, it may seem like there is no time work-out and stay fit. The second installment of Fast Fashion Season 2 is here to resolve those fears. Erika and Liam put together two outfits that’ll give you the confidence to stay fit while staying warm.







Liam’s Outfit

Navy Adidas Joggers – $70.00

AEO Heritage Thermal Shirt – $81.15

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Instinct Basketball Shoes

– Sale $79.99 Regular $99.99

Erika’s Outfit

Black Mesh Leggings- $19.90

Calvin Klein Sweatshirt- Sale $29.50 Regular $59.95

Black Nikes- $85.00