The annual Senior Fashion Show is here



Audrey Iocca and Hannah Jorstad

Fashion shows may seem like a distant fantasy saved for celebrities and models in New York City. However, the NNHS Booster Club’s annual Senior Fashion Show turns this experience into a reality that is glamorous, charitable, and unifying.

The fundraiser takes place every year in late winter, coming before Airband, Senior Week, and prom, making it an exciting way to kick off a semester of senior celebrations. Naperville North English Teacher and Fashion Show Liaison Karen Quinn believes the fashion show is a special event because it brings together the seniors.

“[This is where the seniors] really come to realization that this is the beginning of the end,” Quinn said.

This year, the fashion show will be held on Feb. 26 at Bobak’s Signature Room. The Naperville North Booster Club hosts the Senior Fashion Show annually in order to raise money for the NNHS Boosters. This is a volunteer organization that raises money to fund North’s numerous clubs, sports and activities. According to Quinn, the Senior Fashion Show is paid for entirely through ticket sales and donations by offering many raffles, including items such as senior portraits and parking passes.

Vendors such as Peaches Boutique, Gap and Erehwon Outfitters supply the senior models with clothing to display in the fashion show. For the first time this year, seniors were not assigned stores on a “first come, first serve” basis. The order in which seniors were allowed to choose their vendor was assigned at random. Senior Jessica Lapnow saw this as a positive change.

“The organizing by the mothers has been thoughtfully done and the process runs very smoothly leading up to the event,” said Lapnow.

Every year, each sport and activity is given the opportunity to nominate two seniors to serve as models in the fashion show. Lapnow was given the opportunity to model due to her involvement in the soccer team here at North, and is excited for this opportunity.

“I truly believe the fashion show is a highly beneficial event given the attention it brings to fundraising,” Lapnow said.