Life after your best friend goes to college


Photo by Michael Nerud

Maddie Krebs, Staff Writer

The car was filled to the brim with bins of clothing, supplies for her desk, pillows, blankets, and decorations. More importantly, the car held my best friend. As it backed down the driveway, I saw her tear-stained face in the back seat, and all I could do was smile and wave. Tears streaming down my face, I realized she was gone. The best three years of my life, three years with my best friend, the two of us attached at the hip, it was all coming to an abrupt end. All thanks to the beautiful and scary thing we call college.

We went through thick and thin together. We shared so many unforgettable memories in the process. We had so much in common, we understood each other, and we couldn’t imagine life without each other. Now we’re 251 miles apart.

The biggest change was the fact that I wouldn’t be in constant contact with her. For several months of the year we would see each other every day. We adapted our schedules to walk with each other to class so we could talk about everything going on in our lives. Walking through the halls we talked about whatever came to our mind, whether it be the math test we had in the next period or a new dance video we found on YouTube.

We were with each other every weekend for dance classes and rehearsals, inseparable at the studio. We always stood next to each other when learning new choreography and tried not to get caught for talking too much or goofing off during warm ups.

It’s torturous having to walk past her old locker. Hearing our favorite songs on the radio makes me wish she was in the car with me screaming the lyrics. When I’m stressed out and having a lousy day, I can’t look forward to passing period, rehearsals, or even going over to her house to talk it through or cry into her shoulder to make everything okay.

Honestly, when my best friend went to college it changed me. You want to think that your friendship will stay just as great as it was. You think you’re such good friends and nothing could ever separate you. But you have to face the facts. She’s going to meet new friends and so are you. She’s going to gain new experiences and you will too. You don’t have as much in common anymore and you will start to drift apart, no matter how far in denial you are.

Despite how difficult it is having my best friend in a different state, there are some things to be happy about. I’m happy that she’s having so much fun, meeting new people, and getting the full college experience. Sure, her Snapchat stories give me extreme FOMO, but ultimately I’m really glad that she’s enjoying herself because she deserves everything college has to offer.
All good things must come to an end. College doesn’t throw your old friends off the face of the earth, but things won’t be how they were. All you can do is be happy for them and wish them the best of luck. The fact that I know she will be there for me when she can, but not all the time, is both wonderful and terrible.