New principal to offer fresh perspective


♦ Staff Editorial ♦

Future principal Stephanie Posey stands out.

The Illinois Principal Association honored her as the Southwest Region’s Principal of the Year in 2013. Posey was also recognized as one of the Racial Harmony Phenomenal Women of Metro East that same year. And when she assumes her position on July 1, she will make history at Naperville North.

Posey will serve as the first woman principal of NNHS.

Based on data compiled over the past 14 years, there has been a significantly higher percentage of female teachers throughout the district than males. Yet, not once at NNHS has a woman been appointed the highest leadership position our school has to offer.

And it’s about time.

District 203 reflects a national effort to increase women’s representation in the workplace. In the State of the Union address, President Obama stressed the importance of gender equality. With increased diversity comes a greater range of ideas.

According to an article in “Education Week,” women contribute unique ideas and often lead with a distinctive style. But when women are underrepresented on school boards, they are less likely to voice their opinions and concerns as men at meetings.

At the district level, leadership among cabinet members maintains equal representation between males and females. NNHS also reflects this diversity. Next year, when Posey joins NNHS’ leadership team, there will be seven males and six females. This diversity will represent and support the needs of our student demographic.

Though the leadership approaches for men and women are mostly similar, research published by Wilfred L. Green from Eastern Michigan University said that differences arise in the way principals view their support on teachers. According to Green, men tend to focus on concrete matters, such as policies and schedules, while women tend to focus on school unity and classroom management. Both offer valid initiatives that will reflect students’ best interests when collaborated.

For the first time in 45 years, a women principal will lead NNHS and offer a new perspective. Firsthand, students will see confirmation of a national push to diversify and support both genders in the workplace.