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Publication Policies

The North Star Publication Policy:

The North Star is a student-produced website and publication that operates as an open forum for student expression. The North Star accepts signed letters to the editor. If you wish to submit a letter to the editor, please attach the letter to the editor in an email to the adviser. If a student, community member, or parent wishes to submit an anonymous letter, he/she must attend a conference with the advisor and the Editor-in-Chief to determine if it is necessary to keep the writer’s name out of print. The Editor-in-Chief also reserves the right to edit letters for grammar and length.

If a source wishes to remain anonymous to the readers of The North Star, he/she must reveal his/her identity to the reporter and the Editor-in-Chief. The North Star will cover controversial issues objectively and may express a staff opinion in the form of an editorial. The Editor-in-Chief writes the editorial based on the opinion of the full editorial board.

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of Naperville North High School or Naperville District 203.

The North Star received the Online Pacemaker Award in 2013.

The North Star Comment Policy: 

The North Star staff will review and approve all submitted comments before they are uploaded to the site.

Any comment that includes the use of obscene, suggestive, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate language will not be tolerated. The North Star maintains the right not to publish comments that make use of said language.

Comments must be kept under 400 words. Those who comment must include an email address and publish using their own identity.  Anonymous comments will not be published.

Comments must be relevant to the specific story in order to be approved for publication.

Upon submission, all comments become property of The North Star.

Take-Down Requests
The North Star is an electronic historic record of Naperville North High School. The staff does not grant take-down requests of legal and truthful content that is published on the site. All content posted on this site becomes the property of The North Star.

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact us the following ways…

Phone: (630) 420-4261

Editor-in-Chief email: [email protected]

Advisor email: [email protected]

Editorial Board

Will Trubshaw: Editor – in – Chief

Julia Donofrio: Managing Editor

Chris Kohley: Multimedia Editor

Julia Shanahan: Editorial Editor

Kate Putman: Features Editor

Nick Bettuzi: Multimedia Developer



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Publication Policies