Varsity dance team scores big at NNHS Dance Invitational

Grace Ainger, Staff Writer

The Naperville North dance team hosted the Naperville North High School Dance Invitational on Sunday. The varsity team placed third for their second dance, “Dear Prudence.”

The Huskies performed their first dance, “A Moment Like This,” midway through the competition. The lyrical dance showcased the team’s emotion skills along with their strong turn sequences, jumps, and overall precision as a team. Rebecca Paul, the team’s head coach, discussed the performance and how the team worked toward success.

“They gave everything they had. We’ve been working really hard… since our last competition to improve some of our musicality, performance, and quality of movement… All of the improvements we have been focused on working on [were] brought to the floor today,” Paul said.

The team’s second dance closed out the competition leading straight into awards. The lyrical dance, “Dear Prudence,” placed third in the competition but was only one point away from second place. The dance continued to show the team’s strong dance and musicality skills. Senior team captain Emme Camp shared her thoughts on why the team did well.

“I was so proud of the team after we performed ‘Dear Prudence.’ We were all so happy and so proud of what we just put out on the floor. When we trust each other, we all work together so much better,” Camp said. 

This was the dance team’s second competition of the season, with their first at Deerfield High School on Nov. 12. They scored well at that competition too, receiving first place for “Dear Prudence.” Junior Avery Pierce commented on how this competition was different from the previous and what skills they can use going forward to other competitions.

“We knew this competition was going to be hard, so we went out there with as much confidence as we [could] and we pulled it off… Going up from here, we have to be [just as] confident as today,” Pierce said. 

This competition was hosted by Naperville North, providing both home advantage and some added pressure to the team. 

“Because we were the last dance of the day, everyone gathered in the gym prior to awards so there was a much bigger audience than we’re used to. The pressure of having so many people impacted us, but we used the energy to our advantage and made our performances better,” Camp said.

The dance team will head to Stevenson High School on Dec. 12 for their next competition.